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EZOrderLink™ is a Windows application that transfers data to and from Netsuite.  EZOrderLink integration to Netsuite is accomplished through Netsuite Web Services.  EZOrderLink moves data from shopping carts, online websites, point of sale systems, accounting and fulfillment applications into Netsuite.  Information can also be pulled from Netsuite to update your partner with ship confirmations, inventory updates and much more.  EZOrderLink makes Netsuite integration easy!

EZOrderLink now offers specific products to address all your data integration needs.  If you are only integrating with one partner, our special editions may be for you.  If you are connecting with multiple partner data, see our standard or pro versions.  Below are some of our most popular editions.  Call or write for your specific needs.

EZOrderLink – Standard Edition

This is our most popular and lowest cost release.  Get your orders from your partner and process them using this lightweight easy to use configuration.
This is an incredible time saver and can pay for itself in just a matter of weeks.  Most ERP or accounting systems can communicate thru web services, XML, CSV or other file imports.  Pricing

EZOrderLink – Pro Edition – Full Automation*

Full automation configurations including FTP, HTTPS, WSDL or secured VAN setups with full scheduling automation are also available. EZOrderLink Full Automation takes the daily human intervention out of the equation.  Let your system retrieve your orders, update shipping confirmations and update pricing with 1 easy scheduler.  Records included in this setup are Sales Orders - Customer Records - Fulfilment and Ship Confirmations - Product updates.  This includes us working with your partner on your behalf to create all necessary communications and scheduled automations of these records.  You may specify scheduled times of day, week, month or frequency of processes- day/week/month.  Full automation includes a scheduler with up to 8 scheduled events.  All data mapping for these records are included.  Additional integration points are also available as well as multiple partner versions.  Pricing

EZOrderLink III – Netsuite-eBay connector Edition

This edition is specifically designed to combine the full automation from our Pro edition with the mapping and integration components for a seamless Netsuite-eBay integration. PricingLearn More...

EZOrderLink IV – Netsuite-Amazon connector Edition

This edition is specifically designed to combine the full automation from our Pro edition with the Amazon AMTU tool to create a full automation Netsuite-Amazon integration. Pricing

Affordable EDI by EZOrderLink

This special edition is designed by EDI specialists in the field of ecommerce and EDI documents exchange.  Any EDI configuration imaginable can be addressed with this edition.  All EDI documents are expressed in X12 4010 formatting and can accommodate the most demanding throughput by exceeding industry standards for scalability.  Built on the proven Microsoft framework this workhouse is ready to take on your most demanding EDI requirements.  Affordable EDI by EZOrderLink supports EDI documents: 850, 855, 856, 810, 940, 945, 997 and more. Pricing

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EZOrderLink is a standalone windows application that runs on your machine.   No need to worry about B2B server failure or losing control of your data to an outside source. 

  • Use EZOrderLink to read your ASCII files and populate your ERP

  • Use EZOrderLink to drag and drop orders from your email to your Order System

  • Use EZOrderLink to reconfigure your files for other programs or data feeds

*Certain requirements may apply for full automation systems.

Can also be used to format your EDI documents in and out of your system or your partner's system.
- Save Money - Reduce Manual Efforts - Eliminate Errors -

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