EZOrderLink Pro - Full Automation:

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Full automation configurations including FTP, HTTPS, WSDL or secured VAN setups with full scheduling automation are also available. EZOrderLink Pro - full automation takes the daily human intervention out of the equation.  Let your system retrieve your orders, update shipping confirmations and update pricing with 1 easy scheduler.  Records included in this setup are Sales Orders - Customer Records - Fulfilment and Ship Confirmations - Product updates.  This includes us working with your partner on your behalf to create all necessary communications and scheduled automations of these records.  You may specify scheduled times of day, week, month or frequency of processes- day/week/month.  Full automation includes a scheduler with all your scheduled events.  All data mapping for these records are included.  Additional fees may apply to special formulas or programming events that you wish to include when assembling your data.  Multiple partner connections or records can be quoted per your request.  EZOrderLink Pro insures you are up to date on all the latest release features etc.  Additional integration points are also available as well as multiple partner versions. 

"...Which version is best for me?

EZOrderLink Standard Edition requires the user to get the data (either from email or a web site for example) and then click open, process etc... to import the data file into Netsuite.  Ideal for small to midsize organizations with limited budgets.

EZOrderLink Pro - Full Automation Edition does not require the user to get and process a file.  The data is automatically gathered from your partner's systems and entered in Netsuite without any human intervention.  Ideal for large corporations and enterprises that have high volume integration needs.

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- Save Money - No Monthly Fees! - No Transaction Fees!


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