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Automate your marketplace with NetSuite!..

...Use EZOrderLink to read your ASCII files and populate your ERP (Data Stream Mode).

EZOrderLink quickly reads your data files from your partners and enters that data into Netsuite or any ERP.   Sales orders, order confirmations and tracking, invoices, inventory and more.


Drag and drop your transaction data from an email or website into a recognizable format for your ERP or order system.  
(Drag Drop Mode)

Save time and money with drag and drop functionality for all your orders or other transaction data using EZ Order Link™.  Simply highlight your information then drag and drop into EZOrderLink™.  Then import your XML, CSV or ASCII data into your ERP or other system.  EZOrderLink™ also works with Web Services - ODBC - HTTP and other methods of data input eliminating the import step altogether.

Can also be used to format your EDI documents in and out of your system or your partner's system.- Save Money - Reduce Manual Efforts - Eliminate Errors -

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