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EZOrderLink  III   Netsuite-eBay Connector Edition

EZOrderLink III offers a full automation version specifically designed to automate your Netsuite eBay Order life cycle experience.  Lower your cost of handling order and ship confirmation information.  Let EZOrderLink III tell eBay when items have shipped and provide tracking and carrier information back to eBay from Netsuite. 

EZOrderLink III is a stand alone Windows Application that runs on your desktop, notebook or server depending on your preference.  There are no monthly or transaction fees.  No hosting fees.  Simply let EZOrderLink III run uninterrupted and your data will automatically flow from eBay to Netsuite and back.

Security:  EZOrderLink III connects directly to Netsuite and eBay via web services.  At no time is an unsecured browser, screen scrape or plain text transmission compromising the integrity of your data. 

Error Handling:  In the event a transmission has unrecognized data or the data transmission is interrupted at any time, EZOrderLink III can send you an email alert or simply quietly log the issue and continue with other tasks.  This is entirely up to you and your preference.

How it works:  Each day (or several times a day) EZOrderLink III will query eBay for new orders.  The orders are then placed into Netsuite for you to then process and fulfill.  (If fulfillment is processed by third party we have a solution for that communication as well).  EZOrderLink III then queries Netsuite for any new ship confirmation information and submits the required ship confirmation (carrier, date, tracking number and more) back to eBay.

Includes:  EZOrderLink III includes setup routine, mapping and integration testing as well as 1 year free unlimited maintenance and support.  

Seamless upgrades are provided to keep you up to date on any changes from eBay or Netsuite during their upgrades that may effect your application.

See our other products for additional integrations such as Netsuite-Amazon connector or EDI edition or oven our standard addition for lower cost and you decide the partner connection call, drop a line or visit the Products page for more information.

*Certain requirements may apply for full automation systems.

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