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Amazon - QuickBooks Desktop - Connector



EZOrderLink™ imports your Amazon sales into QuickBooks as Sales Receipts, Sales Orders, Invoices or Estimates depending on your preference.  Items not found during import can be added on the fly or simply noted for your input.

Customer records can be created or you may assign a customer for these orders ie Amazon or even set the system to create parent child customer relationship with your marketplace.. 

Works with multi user mode so your users can continue working in QuickBooks while EZOrderLink is importing orders or invoices.

Send tracking data back to Amazon from QuickBooks invoice records.



Super easy to install.  Download the zip file, unzip, run setup and you're ready to let EZOrderLink to the work for you!  Works with all versions of Desktop QuickBooks™*   This is not intended for QuickBooks Online, this is for desktop and server installations of QuickBooks.  EZOrderLink is build on a Windows© platform and is intended to run in a Windows© Environment.  Most any Win platform will be sufficient. When you are ready to get started simply check out our QuickStart guide for details on installation and setup steps.



Select the transaction type and assign parent customer (if desired) and that's about it!  



Try EZOrderLink for 30 days, no CC or information required.  Simply download the zip and install.

Download EZOrderLink free trial here

or ready to buy...

$29.00 usd per month. 

*Unlimited transactions.  No setup fee! 

A new product key will be sent to your PayPal verified email within 24hrs of clear payment. 


other maps... 

EZOrderLink can be configured to use more than one mapping.  Check out our other market place connectors to completely automate your workflow.  Stop by frequently while we add new maps.  Need a multi trading partner setup?  contact us for more information.  Full automation or cloud installations?  Give us a shout, we're eager to supply all of your EDI requirements.


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